Busch's Kennel

Boarding Info for Cat Owners

At Busch's Kennel we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their dogs and cats.

We think you will find a comfortable, home-like atmosphere for your pet. Our location affords us year round comfort in the country, yet we are minutes from Cape and Jackson.

Our brand new luxury cat condos give your cat plenty of room to roam, jump, and explore, all while having the privacy that cats need.  Each condo has four levels to lounge on, along with a loft level window to view the outside world safely.  Each cat has access to food and water all the time, as well as a litter box located on the ground level.

We live on the premises, so you are guaranteed that your pet will receive around the clock care and security.

The kennel is fully licensed through the Missouri Department of Agriculture and is subject to state inspection.

Cat Requirements:

To ensure the safety of your pet and others, we require the following innoculations:

  • FDRC (feline) - current within one year
  • Rabies - current within 1 year (3 year shot accepted)

We ask you to provide a copy of your shot records from your veterinarian for our files (state mandated).

What to Bring:

  • Unless your cat is on a special or restricted diet, we will happily supply the food during his/her stay.  We exclusively feed NutriSource Dog and Cat food, dry and wet.
  • If your cat is on medication, we can give that as well.  Please be sure to clearly mark dosage information for us.
* Medicine, other food, extra feedings, and special care services are an additional $1/day.
  • Please limit toys and/or treats to two (2) per cat. We ask that bedding from home not exceed 18"x24". We will be happy to provide clean bedding Free of Charge upon request.


  • Boarding fee is $20/night
  • Two small cats together is $36/night

* We can accommodate two cats together - must belong to the same owner and may be kept together at our discretion.  We abide by the size requirements of the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

LATE PICK UP FEE: (after 6pm) - for every 15 minutes after closing, we charge $25/per pet.

*please contact us if you going to be late.

NEW!  Sign up your cat online with our Gingr system!  Upload shot records, list specifics on feedings and medications, and upload a photo of your pet!  Click here to get started!